Cis-regulatory Element Annotation System

The latest version of CEAS is CEAS-Package-1.0.2

Currently, pre-compiled gene annotation tables with genome background annotations are available for several genomes (ce4 and ce6 for worm, dm2 and dm3 for fly, mm8 and mm9 for mouse, hg18 and hg19 for human). Please download the linked files by clicking mouse "right" button and selecting "Save link as."

Two sample data sets are available here to test CEAS.

Human CD4T+ H3K36me3 ChIP-Seq data
BED file with the ChIP regions called by MACS
WIG file with the continuous ChIP signal

C. elegans SDC-3 ChIP-chip data
BED file with the ChIP regions called by MA2C
WIG file with the MA2C score

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