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You don't need to input a username and password to download MACS, which you can find on top of our google group homepage for MACS announcement. Please join the group with your academic email address for the download password and notification of new releases and bug fixes. And feel free to post discussions to the group.

Download version 1.4.2 Download Debian package for 1.4.2 (use dpkg -i to install in Debian/Ubuntu Linux)

Source code repository on Github ( You don't need username or password to access github! But beware of unstable experimental packages. )

Download version (Oktoberfest, bug fixed #1)

Download Sample (no password needed)

Download demostration data

Register is simple:

note: If you don't want to receive any email from the group, please remember to set the 'Delivery' type of your account as 'No Email'.

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You don't like using password to download a free software? OK, here is a challenge for you! If you can prove your computer skill so that you don't need to follow our user group, try to decode this text...

hfreanzr: znpf

cnffjbeq: puvcfrd

Please read the 00README.txt file in the package first. The binary distributions are NOT SUPPORTED by our google group. But if you can build binary distribution from source code for other platform/machine, or if you find bugs in the binary dist and fix them by your own, please share your binary package with us.